iCM Development Inc. (iCMD) is an innovative and modern company that is devoted to offering incredible Apps for our users and clients. Be it Mobile, Desktop, or Web Apps, our expert team can handle anything and everything.

We aim to think outside the box to create unique Apps that provide solutions and add value to the ever expanding tech market. We also work with clients to innovate on their ideas and help bring them from a dream to market. From development to execution, we provide support throughout the entire business process.

At iCMD, we view ourselves as partners with our users, clients, employees, and the markets in which we operate. Our goal is to amaze and provide state of the art Apps, all while having a little fun.


Shall we take a look at some of our work?

VideoMeals – Quick Simple Healthy Recipes (iOS)

Invest in yourself with the VideoMeals App! With over 750,000 followers on social media, Slim Geransar shows you how easy it is to prepare and cook quick, simple, and healthy meals presented in short 15 second videos.

+ Fully universal and available exclusively on iOS with compatibility for iPhone, iTouch, iPad and Apple Watch
+ Optimized for iOS 9 with Spotlight Search
+ Syncs across all your Devices with iCloud
+ Simple to follow 15 second videos
+ Commonly used and easy to find ingredients
+ Cross use ingredients, saving you money and reducing food waste
+ Easy to modify meals to suit your taste
+ Macros included with each recipe
+ Apple Health Kit integration to help keep track of your macro intake
+ Add recipes to iCalander to help with meal planning

This next generation food APP is packed full of handy features making it the only food APP you will ever need. With an intuitive, simple to use and smooth interface you can dive right in as soon as it’s installed.

+ Includes over 150 recipes
+ Ingredients scale up or down for number of portions
+ Save your favorite recipes under custom lists for easy and quick access
+ Add recipe ingredients to shopping lists all within the app
+ Built-in voice commands let you control the app when your hands are dirty
+ Recipes categories
+ Search recipes
+ Featured recipes
+ Sort recipes by recommended, name, recently added, cooking time, user rating
+ Create a profile to allow the App to tailor itself to your likes, dislikes, goals, and preferences.
+ Add your own personal cooking notes to any recipe
+ Comment and ask questions about each recipe, and receive real answers and advice.
+ Rate recipes and see what other people have rated them as well
+ Share what you will be cooking for dinner with friends and family
+ Share pictures of what you cooked
+ Additional recipes packs available


Launcher Widget (iOS)

With just one tap in the Notification Center you can quickly:

– Call, Text, Message, E-mail, and Facetime the people you love the most.
– Get directions Home or search for nearby restaurants, coffee shops, or whatever you’re looking for at your current location.
– Quickly access your favorite and move visited web sites.
– Perform actions within a number of apps. Send a WhatsApp, load a page on Facebook, send a Tweet, log some Calories, check out today’s XE exchange rate, and endless more possibilities.
– Launch your most frequently used apps — thousands of apps built-in with more added on each update.
– Show/Hide Launcher Icons Titles

After installing the app, make sure you add the Widget to your Notification Center.
To do this:
1) Swipe down from the Top of your Screen to bring up the Notification Center
2) Swipe down to the bottom of the “Today” section and Tap “EDIT”
3) Tap the + Sign beside the Launcher App and drag the Widget to the Top of the List.
4) DONE! Enjoy


Tools for Tinder (iOS, Windows, Android)

Tools for Tinder (previously Tinderoid) is the ORIGINAL and TOP Tinder Liker App for iOS with over 5000+ 5 Star Reviews. Tinderoid brings many advanced features to your already great Tinder user experience.

– Works hand in hand with the Tinder App.
– See all your results at once.
– “Like All” button for extra fun liking everyone in your area in a few seconds.
– “Like Selected” button for picky people.
-NEW: AUTOMATIC MODE: Put your phone in your pocket and it will automatically get all your results and “Like All”. More results with even less effort!
-NEW: SEARCH MODE: Search Results for Keyword Text. This will let you find your friends, people with common interests, or even listed social media accounts like SnapChat
-NEW: NO IMAGE MODE: Turning off Images reduces crashes to ZERO. Perfect for people using the “Like All” button. It also greatly speeds up performance and decreases your download amount greatly!
– Improves the Tinder experience.
– Saves you time.
– Increases your matches.
– More great features coming


Flappy: Forever (iOS)

The most famous and most hated bird on the internet is back in this remade and improved version of the popular game.

Flappy: Forever has all of the original game play elements and physics you have grown to love or hate.

Besides the features you know and love, we have changed the Flappy world forever with new amazing extras that you will not find in any other clones.

We are the first version to have all the features we all WISH the original game had!

– The best Flappy Bird Game to date! The critics agree!
– Multiplayer Mode
– FLAPPY FACE! Use your own Face as the Bird!
– Custom Birds and Backgrounds
– 3 Difficulty Settings, including Normal Mode to match the Original Game
– Training Mode so you can become a flappy master!


CleanApp (iOS)

Secure Your Mobile and Free Up Space. For Free.

CleanApp allows users to securely wipe their iOS Devices of any traces of old deleted, unused, and unwanted data using various secure algorithms. It also frees up extra space that may be hidden and locked away in this useless data!

– Secure Your Device and Privacy.
– Military Grade Deletion and Security Methods.
– Recovery All of Extra Free Space.
– Works in the Background So You Can Keep Using Your Device.


Coming Soon…

We are currently working hard on 6 new Apps on Various Operating Systems.

Stay Tuned!


It all starts with an idea. We dedicate countless hours to brainstorming and generating ideas that will add value to our users and clients’ lives and experiences.


We take a very basic idea, and then we make it extraordinary. We aren’t satisfied until the idea is perfect, highly polished, and innovative.

Immaculate Results

From the final product to a fully executed Marketing Plan, the end result speaks for itself. Perfection at its finest.

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CEO and The Machine
Brandon C.
CTO and The Solution
John O.
CFO and The Enforcer
Jordan C.
CPO and The Bug Squasher
Max G.
Project Manager
Sergey P.
Lead Windows Developer
Niko K.
Lead iOS Developer
Vlad T.
Lead Android Developer
Evelyn C.
Lead Web Developer
Lead UX Designer
Olga I.
Lead Web Designer
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